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Who are we? 

Her Glory Hair is a Christian based company that prides itself on transparency and integrity. The owner of Her Glory Hair, has intensely researched and obtained hair in the purest form and of the highest quality. Her Glory Hair is a company that is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and was established in 2020. Her Glory Hair aims to empower and uplift women. Hence the term, "Her Glory" as it highlights the essence and beauty of being a woman. "Her Glory" is about owning your experience as a woman and sharing your story to encourage other women. Her Glory Hair also aims to empower girls about their self worth, potential, and owning their uniqueness. Ask about our "Glory Girls Program" to learn more in the contact tab to learn more.


What is Raw Hair?

Raw Hair is hair that has not been processed by chemicals or steam. This hair has longevity for at least 3 years with proper hair care. These bundles are in the purest form and are from one single donor. Every Raw Bundle is unique and has not been chemically altered or steamed processed. Raw Hair is the best quality and are the highest quality bundle we have available. The lengths and textures available vary due to the availability of donors. This is the transparency we pride ourselves on by telling you the real deal about the hair you are getting from us! We have tested every texture for quality assurance. Follow our social media pages for the “How To’s” on taking care of your hair! 

Virgin Hair?

Our Virgin Bundles are the top of the line hair that comes from a single donor where the cuticles are aligned. These bundles have been steam processed to achieve the desired pattern and are lustrous. These Bundles are soft, full, and the best kind of virgin hair available on the market. 


Bundles on hand?


Yes we have bundles on hand! If you are in Las Vegas, Nevada you can pick your bundles up from our store. Not sure which bundles are right for you? Book a consultation where we will walk you through all that you need to know before making a purchase. We answer questions about textures, styles, types of lace and much more.

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